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Dry Sticks

Couples Therapy

The fighting has gotten so intense that you are not speaking to each other. If the thoughts of divorce are increasing and separation seems like a definiate, then you and your spouse need to get on One Accord.

Online Coaching

Maintain your level of comfort in your home with weekly sessions. Problems arise and you just need some guidance and assistance. I am there for you.

One Accord Program

A self-paced Seven (7) step course to have a better understanding of yourself, your heart and your partner. Do not throw your marriage away before you see how well you function when you are on One Accord.

Common Concerns

Marriages begin to fall apart when these common concerns turn into huge mountains to climb.

I see a variety of marriage concerns, but the following four are the most common. Together we can find the route causes, learn how to start over and then walk forward.

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